Q. When will you ship my package?

 A. All orders will process with in 2-4 business days.  If express shipping is requested your order will ship the next business day.


 Q.  Do you have a minimum order?

 A.  Yes!  Jewelbox has a minimum order of $25.00


 Q.  Do offer quantity discounts?

 A.  We offer large quantity discounts usually based on case pricing!


 Q.  Do you ship samples?

 A.  Yes!   However please contact a customer representative and discuss the reason of your sample request.  


 Q.  When will i receive my back order?

 A.  All backorders are canceled after two weeks.  If the item is not in within two weeks the back ordered item will be canceled.  You must then re-order that item.


 Q.  How do i cancel my order?

 A.  All orders must be canceled via telephone.  You must request a cancelation number.  No orders can canceled after shippment.  Prior to shipment a customer service representative must contacted and notified.  No orders can be canceled by email or by message!


 Q.  Is Jewelboxco.com a secure site?

 A.  Yes!  Jewelboxco.com  has been verified by two reputable online security verifiers.


Q.  Do you ship international orders?

 A.  Yes!  We ship all international orders via US mail.